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We Have Spoken and We Were Heard

During this election year Unions helped shape the election and the outcome. The Pennsylvania Joint Board of Worker’s United, SEIU members and staff have been canvassing, phone banking, and leaflet dropping for weeks to help put Biden and Harris into office.

We Have Spoken and We Were Heard

Pennsylvania Joint Board of Workers United, SEIU

The Pennsylvania Joint Board of Worker’s United, SEIU, (PAJB), represents approximately 5000 workers employed by 40 employers spanning from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. Our membership is diverse, and includes garment workers, food service workers, distribution center workers, and industrial laundry workers. Workers United has a deeply rooted history representing garment workers. We are the former International Ladies Garment Workers‘ Union, which was created in 1900 to fight sweatshops and bring decent working conditions. The ILGWU was one the first U.S. unions to have a primarily female membership. Today we still hold the values close from over 100 years ago; every worker deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. These are the same values share by our parent union, the Service Employee International Union, with over two million members in the United States and Canada and a leader in the fight for social justice. If you and your coworkers would like to be treated fair on the job and finally have a say over your working conditions contact us on how to form a union at your workplace. Our office number is (610) 433-7445