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Local Union Elected Positions

Running for an elected office in your local should be considered seriously. Any candidate who accepts a nomination should be prepared to commit to serving their local Union members.

Following are the positions and a brief description of their responsibilities:

Local Executive Board: The Executive Board of each local consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary and two Executive Board Members. The Executive Board of the Local is responsible to lead the members of their Local in the greater Union and the Labor Movement. The Local Executive Board should meet on a quarterly basis. The meeting should be set and called by the Local President. The President should prepare an agenda and preside over the meeting. In the President’s absence, the Vice President should fulfill the President’s duties. The Secretary is responsible for recording the attendance and activity of each meeting. The Local Executive Board with the shop stewards, delegates and other Union Leaders should carry out the plans for the benefit of the Union members of the Local and the community.

Delegate to the PAJB: The Joint Board Delegates are responsible for attending all meetings, trainings and events of the Pennsylvania Joint Board. Delegates represent the Union members in their worksite in the Joint Board. Joint Board Delegates should all be active leaders in the Union. Delegates, together with the Executive Board of the Local, are responsible to connect the Union Members to the greater Union and the Labor movement. Delegates should attend Union Camp and any other leadership programs offered by the Joint Board. Delegates should attend the annual meeting of the Joint Board and any other required meetings. Each Delegate should have direct communication with 10 percent of the Union members in their worksite in order to communicate activities and recruit members for participation with the Union.

All of these positions are to serve as a representative of your Local Union in the larger Union as it is organized as the PAJB and Workers United. These positions are intended for the Local Union to participate in the activities of the Union and within each community. The Local Officers direct the activity of the Local. The Delegates to the PAJB direct the activity of the Joint Board under the advisement and direction of the Executive Board of the PAJB.

Elections for three year terms will take place at the end of 2021 for the term of 2022 through 2024.

If you have further questions, please ask your Union Representative.